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Pet stains can be complicated

Pets are like family members in our home but can sometimes have accidents. Luckily, I have the experience to help.

From simple staining to offensive odor, I'm experienced with all matters of the situation. I offer multiple solutions to fix the situation. From simple one time spot clean to a full-on-carpet flush. 

Stage 1.) I can remove the stain on your carpet. (depending on the fiber)

Stage 2.) I can do injections to reach deep into your carpet to reach the sub flooring, rinse and then apply proper stain removal products.

Stage 3) Pull the carpet, replace the padding, clean your carpet both front and back and re-install.

Whatever the pet stain, we will work and explore all possible options with you to get the best results possible.We use one of the industries highest powered UV lights to detect even hidden pet stains along with a combination of enzymes and oxidizers to ensure the BEST results.

a list urine removal

Cleaning area rugs is a specialty that takes years of experience to master

Area rugs are a huge investment and require special attention in the cleaning process. The experience I have is far beyond the capabilities of your average carpet cleaner. I have solved common problems with the cleaning of specialized carpet that have become trade secrets to me along with being known as one of the industry’s BEST! Most area rugs I can clean on-site in your home. However, those that require special attention, I can clean at my shop. All carpets are treated individually, but here are some basic steps your carpet goes through in my process.
  1. Carefully inspected to apply the best cleaning method so your carpets are cleaned with the best care and personal attention.
  2. Dusted by compressed air to remove all dust and dirt.
  3. Vacuumed to remove any remaining dust on the fibers.
  4. Cleaned with a gentle soap, not a detergent like some companies.
  5. Any stains that require special attention are treated.
  6. Flushed with water to remove any soap.
  7. Extracted with a final rinse.
  8. Hung to dry in specially designated area where heat and air are blown over the rugs.
As stated, the majority of area rugs can be treated and cleaned right in your home, which is recommended. However, if there is a need to clean them off-site, you can trust A-list to do a first class job that can't be compared to any other company. With my experience, along with quick turnaround times, you are getting the best service and experience possible!

And, all wool rugs are cleaned only with the Woolsafe approval.

spot cleaning alistI've been called a magician

My 30+ years along with being involved with manufactures keeps me up on my game. Taking out a stain becomes personal to me. I love the challenge and guarantee that if I can't remove it, there is no one on the planet that can!

I use state of the art technology that you couldn't even imagine. Ever see a carpet cleaner use an Ultraviolet light to remove a stain? I do. I also have the knowledge of what cleaning methods work best on different rugs and textiles to remove the toughest stains. When you hire me, I guarantee I bring nothing but the best chances of removing any stain you may have.


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