Are you looking to get your outdoor upholstery reconditioned and ready for next spring?

“Wow, I can't believe it, they look brand new. What an amazing service!”

Hi everyone. I'm about to start my annual outdoor upholstery cleaning program. I'm expecting huge volumes this year, as last year I did thousands of these.


I'm trying to organize pickups by town this year and hoping to start by the end of October. If you are interested, please simply fill out the form below. I will be in touch within the next couple weeks to set up pickups, as I'm just watching the weather and waiting for the season of nice weather to be over.

As far as pricing, to give you an idea, the cushion seen to the right I charge $10 for cleaning and $10 for water proofing. I can also give quotes if you send me pictures of what you're looking to have done.

Warm Regards,
Kevin R. Houle

"Here is how the program works!"

1.) We pickup your upholstery (FREE Charge over $100 min.)

2.) We bleach all the mold and mildew.

3.) We clean and rinse your upholstery.

4.) We dry your upholstery.

5.) We inspect your upholstery for perfection.

6.) We apply a waterproofing. (additional charge)

7.) We bag your upholstery for storage. (FREE Charge)

8.) We deliver your upholstery. (FREE Charge over $100 min.)



Out-Door Upholstery Cleaning Form

Please fill out the form below and will be in contact to schedule a pickup date.
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