I Understand Your Image

Sometimes you only have one shot at making an impression.

I understand the importance of the image you need to have, when one of your clients walks in to sign that next big contract. I have the capabilities of bringing portable equipment with the power of a truck mount to the tallest building in Boston. I’ve handled jobs from the John Hancock building to buildings on State Street. I also work weekends and/or nights to accommodate your hours of operation. I also can leave fans to speed up the drying process to ensure you are up and running the following day. Here is a small list of services I can provide for you.
  • Full carpet cleaning
  • Office chair cleaning
  • Fabric cubical cleaning
  • Touch ups and spot cleaning
I would be glad to come by and talk about how my services can improve not only your image but the workplace for your employees.

A clean workplace is a happy and healthy workplace.

Typically in a high rise building the carpets remain unsoiled due to the distance to the outside, but still pollutants and other things linger in the carpet. Cleaning the carpets will not only improve the estheticsof a work place but can also improve the indoor air quality making for a healthier work place.

Indoor air quality has been a huge concern over the years. I take great pride in the education I’ve had and helping companies like yours achieve their goals.

Got Questions?

I take great pride in the knowledge I’ve acquired from the years of experience. Your questions are always welcome.
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