Look Your Best So Your Clients Come Back

From hotels, bowling alleys, golf courses, restaurants, professional offices to family run businesses.

Some of the toughest jobs I have had to face over the years are businesses that are open all the time and have an incredible amount of foot traffic. Sometimes extra steps and additives need to be implemented into the cleaning process to achieve satisfactory results. I have the knowledge along with powerful enough equipment and the experience of getting even the toughest traveled carpets looking good again. Here is a small list of services I can provide.
  • Full carpet cleaning
  • Protective Finishes
  • Annual Cleanings
  • Touch ups and spot cleaning
I’d be glad to come by and talk about how my services can make your place of business clean and looking its best for your clients.

I treat my clients like business partners; we will work together to achieve your goals.

Whether you need a full cleaning, a touch up for areas needing attention or applying protective finishes to protect your investment, no job is too small or too big. My prices are at industry standard and my services are affordable;  I understand there are budgets and I'm open to discussing how we can achieve your goals within the guidelines of your specific needs.

Got Questions?

I take great pride in the knowledge I have acquired from the years of experience. Your questions are always welcome.
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