Certain rugs require SPECIAL attention

Cleaning area rugs is a specialty that takes years of experience to master.

Area rugs are a huge investment and require special attention in the cleaning process. The experience I have is far beyond the capabilities of your average carpet cleaner. I have solved common problems with the cleaning of specialized carpet that have become trade secrets to me along with being known as one of the industry’s BEST! All carpets are treated individually but here are some basic steps your carpet goes through in my process.
  1. Carefully inspected, to apply the best cleaning method so your carpets are cleaned with the best care and personal attention.
  2. Then dusted by compressed air to remove all dust and dirt.
  3. Next they are vacuumed to remove any remaining dust on the fibers.
  4. Cleaned with a gentle soap, not a detergent like some companies.
  5. Any stains that require special attention are treated.
  6. Flushed with water to remove any soap.
  7. Extracted with a final rinse.
  8. Hung to dry in specially designated area where heat and air are blown over the rugs.
I bring you the best experience by not only with my experience and skills but by doing a first class job that can’t be compared to along with a quick turnaround time. I understand the importance of having your house upside down while your carpets are out being cleaned and solved this problem by providing quick turnaround times.

And all wool rugs are cleaned only with the Woolsafe approval.

Area Rug Pads

I only believe in the best when it comes to putting the proper pad under your investment. I recommend no-muv and have samples that I can show you and explain to you the proper pad for your unique situation.

Got Questions?

I take great pride in the knowledge I’ve acquired from the years of experience. Your questions are always welcome. Click here for more info...